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2 of many ballet shows produced by Vision de la Danza & Bruce Peru at the Municipal Theatre


Majon University.com Free tuition for Street Childrenand abandoned mothers.
Trujillo, Peru

Street Kids'


Majon University.com Instruccion gratis por los ninos de la calle y madres abandonadas.
Trujillo, Peru

Niños de la Calle























History of our Dance Academy
In October 2001 we were approached by Mercy Delgado Prado, the Cuban prima balerina of Trujillo; who asked if we would permit her to start a dance academy for children on our campus. We agreed, on condition that the academy would offer free classes to street children. After consideration Mercy decided that her future belonged in ballet, not in street children's issues. So we turned to a street-child-turned-ballet-dancer, Eusebio Rabines, who - in cooperation with the street childrens progran of Bruce Peru, opened the academy to regular students and street children: "Vision de la Danza".

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Pictures of Mercy Delgado Prado

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Pictures of the opening of our dance academy, December 2001 & Eusebio.

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